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                                     How it all began.


The regular Rock & Roll gigs in town were started  by Johnny Regan back in August 1992 with the first ‘Teddy Boy Re-Union’ at the Cathedral Club and due to popular demand, a further re-union was then held in December the same year.  As a great time was had by all, the annual re-unions have since then become a regular event.


 John went on to start Sunday afternoon gigs at Northampton WMC, (not to be confused with Northampton Rocks on a Sunday who now run this at the Ex Servicemans WMC), he was then ultimately joined by John Bird and together they formed the Northampton Rock & Roll Club. The afternoon gigs were then given up in order to concentrate on the Northampton Rock & Roll Club which started in Spencer WMC in 1999 and ran from there until October 2005 when due to this Club losing its live music licence, we had to move for a short time to Semilong WMC. However, since January 2006, we have been  permanently in Far Cotton WMC. This is a lovely Club with nice facilities and plenty of parking.

 Although the two Johns run the Club and book all the Bands (and make sure they get paid), we also get help in running the Club from Larry, who welcomes everyone on the door and Bish, who basically makes sure everything else is ok.


We put on 12 gigs a year on the second Saturday of the month, and another on New Years Eve. We do our best to book top class Bands; Dynamite, Skyrockers, Kingcats, Firebirds, to name but a few and already have an impressive line up for next year.

 If you fancy a browse, Janet’s Bop Shop is on site and if you’d like something special or made to order, Janet will be happy to help.

 Our resident D.J. is A J the Rockin D.J. He plays great music and if you have a special request, he’ll do his best to play it for you.

 As the Home of the DONS, we regularly welcome visitors from other Clubs but of course the Club is open to everyone and all are welcome. Children under 16 are free with an Adult on most occasions and the special nights they have to pay (e.g.; New Years Eve) we will give prior notice.

                                                            Look forward to seeing you…

What people say about our club.

                                    Opinion:  Northampton Labour Club

                  Northampton Rock and Roll Club. Sun 15 Mar 2009

                            Northampton Rock and Roll Club.   

Written by Pete   

Intrepid reporter is pleasantly surprised to find highly succesful event right on his doorstep.... A few weeks back, I was befriended by a slightly wobbly Teddy Boy outside the Bedlam Breakout, who suggested I may enjoy the Rock and Roll club, second Saturday every month, at Far Cotton working Men’s club.

 Well, always up for something new, and thinking this infinitely preferable to attempting to ignore yet another shit cover of Alright Now at any of my usual drinking holes, we quiffed up and walked the hundred yards to this event. I must confess that I was expecting an old duffer playing Elvis tunes to a backing track while men with Mullets line danced in their squeaky clean cowboy gear. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at an excellently appointed concert hall, packed out with Teddy Boys and Rockers aged 7 to 70.

 What amazed me most was the total lack of inhibition – the DJ was playing Rockabilly and Rock and Roll, and people were dancing; and I mean properly – grab a partner, have a jive, spin your girl around, cut in on someone else, all with huge smiles all round. Yes, there was line dancing, but all by the girls, and only on certain songs. And it looked kind of cool, 30-odd ladies of all ages all enjoying themselves, occasionally getting it wrong, but generally having a giggle.

 There’s no doubt that it’s a fairly close club – everyone seemed to know everyone else, and I only knew a couple of people, albeit one guy who I met in Spiral Archive earlier in the day, and another guy who was a friend of a friend.

 After a while though, people realised that we were there for the music, and started to introduce themselves; we even got a heads-up from the DJ as “newbies”, we got our photo taken for the Teddy Boy website, and were introduced to a few of the Head Honchos (the DONS – Drapes of Northampton Society). Some of these guys were original Teds from the Fifties, still wearing the coats and looking like the elder statesmen of Rock and Roll that they are.

 The band for the evening were The Flying Saucers, a seventies Rockabilly revival act, still going strong after 30 years. They weren’t the Brian Setzer orchestra by any stretch, but they put on a strong, professional show, and played for over 2 hours without showing any sign of flagging. The 200 strong audience jumped jived and wailed their way through it, and an excellent time was had by all, including us.



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